Mamo McDonald explains how the Irish Countrywomen's Association (ICA) has helped to improve the lives of women in Ireland.

Chairperson of the ICA from 1982-1985 Mamo McDonald talks about the changes that have taken place for women in Irish society during her lifetime.

Mamo McDonald, wife, widow, businesswoman, and mother of eleven children. A traditionalist whose views were altered by membership of the Irish Countrywomen's Association.

The ICA had a role in encouraging her to be more assertive and competitive offering new experiences and learning new skills. For Mamo, joining the ICA was the equivalent of obtaining a third level qualification. 

From a family of five girls and one boy, Mamo McDonald says she and her sisters were quite tomboyish and adventurous growing up.

We never knew that it wasn't a good thing not to be a boy.

She comes from a long line of strong women from whom she inherited her convictions and character.  

This episode of 'Hindsight' was broadcast on 22 August 1994. The presenter is Emer O'Kelly.