After several attempts using explosives fails to knock the silos at Ranks Mills it is time for the wrecking ball.

A fifth attempt to demolish one of Limerick city's most famous landmarks, the Old Ranks Mill, gets underway. Where previous efforts to take down the buildings with explosives have failed now a more traditional method of destruction using a wrecking ball are being employed.

The first attempt took place about eight weeks earlier using 250 kilos of explosives. However, the silos still stood proud. On the second attempt, about 400 kilos of explosives still failed to flatten the building. Subsequent third and fourth attempt also failed. 

Despite the use of over twelve hundred kilos of explosives, the silos were still standing.

The demolition company then looked to more traditional approaches. Although slower, the swinging ball worked and finally saw the end of the silos. 

They decided to use a large swinging metal ball.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 July 1989. The reporter is Michael Lally.