The Doulos docks in Dublin with a young multinational crew and the world's has the largest floating library.

Hundreds of Dubliners turn out to board the Doulos the oldest passenger ship in the world. Built in 1914, the MV Doulos is crewed by three hundred people from different countries who spend up to two years working aboard the ship without pay. The volunteers raise money for the opportunity to join the vessel. 

The oldest passenger ship in the world still working.

The Doulos brought a carnival atmosphere to Dublin and a strong message about international links and young people working together. 

Mike Mullens coordinator on board the Doulos describes life on the ship for the volunteers, who work a five day week and one day in a ministry which could be volunteering in an orphanage, a school or a church.

The ship also carries the biggest floating library in the world with seven thousand books. Books are sold to visitors to raise money for the upkeep of the ship. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 May 2004. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.