With civil war raging in Rwanda thousands of refugees cross the border into neighbouring Tanzania.

The situation in the Benaco is worsening as more and more people from Rwanda arrive with few if any possessions.

Some were lucky enough to bring animals but these are now being slaughtered as their food runs out.

The scale of the problem is turning into a logistical nightmare for local and international aid organisations. The camp is about two days by road to the nearest big town. The remote location and poor infrastructure make it difficult for aid organisations to access the area. 

The nearest water supply is over a mile away and has to cater for up to a quarter of a million people. The threat of disease is imminent with no proper sanitation on the camp. 

Jan Roote, Concern Field Director, warns of the threat of cholera. Due to the large number of people arriving in the country, the Tanzanian government are overwhelmed by the numbers and are struggling to provide the necessary food and services. 

A week ago, there was no one here and now there are upwards of a quarter of a million people. 

In a twenty four hour period it happened, the single biggest movement of people in a day.

Despite the fact that many of these people have left Rwanda, they are still fearful for their lives. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 May 1994. The reporter is Charlie Bird.