Fleeing the North of Ireland across the border in times of conflict.

As a result of the conflict in Northern Ireland in 1969 and 1970, people were forced from their homes and travelled south of the border to seek refuge. The army was faced with the challenge of housing these people and a refugee camp was set up on the army camp site at Gormonston, Co. Meath. Camp huts were converted to make more suitable housing for families.

Wooden huts hurriedly converted into makeshift accommodation for the distraught victims of sectarian riots.

Rodney Rice visited the Gormanston camp for 'Seven Days' to witness first hand the living conditions facing families fleeing the North.

At the time of filming there were 81 refugees, from 18 families in Gormonston Air Corps camp. Each family is provided with a private unit to help them maintain a certain amount of dignity, even in a refugee camp.

It's important to human dignity that privacy can exist even in a refugee camp.

The camp social worker Mrs Mairéad Murphy describes the challenges of re-housing these people so that they can return to normal family life as soon as possible. She also describes the varying degrees of need amongst the refugees.

This episode of 'Seven Days' was broadcast on 23 January 1970. The reporter is Rodney Rice.