Users of the social media platform Facebook will be given the opportunity to vote on the company's privacy policy.

In February 2009, Facebook altered its privacy policy giving it the right to use member's personal data even after they had deleted their accounts. Following an online backlash, the policy proved unpopular and controversial with Facebook users. Facebook relented and has initiated a consultation process to review the privacy policy. The revised terms contain a clause that personal information will not be held after an account is closed. 

200 million Facebook users around the world, which includes 400,000 in Ireland, are being given the chance to have a say on the policy. They have one week to vote.

Technology consultant Damien Mulley outlines how the process will or will not work and what the new privacy policy means to the individual. 

52 million users will have to vote against this idea. Otherwise, it gets implemented.

Facebook has said that it would not want comment ahead of the vote as it did not want to prejudice the result. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 April 2009. The reporter is Brian Finn.