Following a harrowing ordeal a sister and brother the last inhabitants of Rutland Island off Donegal decide to leave the island permanently.

Bridget McCole and her brother Hugh were stranded on Rutland, a County Donegal island situated between Burtonport and Arranmore in Donegal. As the siblings lacked sufficient provisions, their situation could have turned to tragedy. Fortunately fate intervened when fisherman Patrick Duffy made an unscheduled call to the island.

On returning to the mainland he reported Bridget and Hugh’s plight to their cousin Charles McCole who went to their aid, and the pair were taken off the island.

Hugh McCole was found to be suffering from exhaustion and was brought to Dungloe hospital for treatment.

Bridget McCole is adamant they will never return to Rutland, which means the island is without inhabitants for the first time in centuries. This leaves Arranmore as the only occupied island in the group.

An RTÉ News report was broadcast on 26 November 1963. The footage shown here is mute.