Queues to buy unpasteurised milk direct from farmers as supplies of milk in Dublin are reduced.

Over 180,000 homes in the Dublin area are left without milk as a result of the milk workers strike. Roundsmen and depot workers picketed Premiere Dairies.  

The pickets did allow supplies out to hospitals and schools.

The strike has resulted in problems for dairy farmers who normally sell their produce to Premiere Dairies. They have been trying to make alternative arrangements to sell their milk rather than be stuck with the 100,000 gallons usually sold to Premiere Dairies on a daily basis. Some farmers have offloaded milk to other dairies and co-ops, while others have been selling directly to consumers on the roadside. 

Business was brisk for farmers in Tallaght, where Fine Gael TD Larry McMahon organised for them to sell one thousand gallons of unpasteurised milk directly to consumers. The milk came with a boil before use warning. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 October 1978. The reporter is Derek Davis.