Protest over loss leader milk escalates in Donegal.

Scuffles broke out between farmers and dairy workers in Convoy Co. Donegal in a dispute over the price of milk. Farmers were blockading Natural Dairies, a company who were supplying loss leader milk to Dunnes Stores. The protest escalated when dairy workers attempted to get milk out of the dairy. Three farmers from Co. Meath were arrested, while all 36 members of the IFA's National Liquid Milk Committee were ordered to appear before the High Court to say why they should not be jailed for flouting injunctions to prevent picketing the dairy.

Eileen Magnier reports from the blockade. Spokesman Fred Revington apologises for the incident.

It's something we would not have wished to happen, but when you have two groups of people in close physical contact, those things happen.

An RTÉ News report from 13 October 2000.