Making the annual pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick to climb the reek and pray is still important for many but is Sunday becoming as commercial as every other day?

Many pilgrims embrace the traditional approach climbing Croagh Patrick barefoot, a sign of their faith and devotion. However, there was a warning that this strong faith is under threat.  

The Archbishop of Tuam Dr Michael Neary has said that he is concerned at the tendency to turn Sunday into a day of work and unnecessary commercial activity, describing it as, 

A sinister form of slavery.  

Dr Neary was speaking during the annual pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick in County Mayo. He see the commercialisation of Sunday as, 

A violation of the Sabbath.

While he acknowledges that there is some work that is necessary, many others are being forced to work on a Sunday.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 July 1998. The reporter is Jim Fahy.