Plans to build a pavilion for children on some waste ground in Ballyfermot come up against opposition from Dublin Corporation.

Dr McMahon a resident of Oranmore Road in Ballyfermot explains that the construction of the clubhouse is vital for the area as facilities for the young are non-existent.

Ballyfermot has a very large proportion of young children, but there is nowhere for them to go, particularly during the long winter evenings. He points out that about 1000 children in the area leave school every year, but until they gain regular employment, the only playground they have is the street. This can lead to social problems.

I often wonder in fact that more people of that young age group don’t get into up here than in fact do.

Local resident Mr Canavan says that Moycullen Road Club applied to Dublin Corporation for permission to build a hut on a piece of ground that has been lying derelict for the last eight years. 

One of the objections given by Dublin Corporation to the proposal is the land forms part of a tenant’s garden. However the tenant in question is prepared to give up the piece of garden concerned.

Mr Canavan says they would be prepared to sign legal papers and give commitments to return the land should the Corporation require it in the future.

Mr Murphy, one of the Moycullen Road football team organisers says that some parents refuse to let their boys play matches because of the lack of facilities currently available.

Were the clubhouse constructed, it would be used as a pavilion for the football team and provide a games area for boys in the evenings. It would also provide girls with an area for sewing and dancing classes.

Dr McMahon believes

These people should be given every help and encouragement because they really are providing a service that should be provided by the local authority, and has not been.

This episode of 'Broadsheet' was broadcast on 6 August 1963. The reporter is John Skehan.