A stand off between the police and members of a religious cult continues in Waco Texas.

Police in Texas are continuing their siege of the ranch near the town of Waco, where heavily armed members of a religious cult have been defying orders to give themselves up. 

Six people have been killed and fourteen wounded in gun battles between law enforcement officials and Branch Davidians cult members.

Stacey Fager, a reporter with KCEN television, says that the siege is now in its 48th hour. There is increasing information coming to light about the cult and its leader David Koresh, also known as Vernon Wayne Howell. Former members of the cult in California say they fear their former leader has a hit list. His ex-wife Rachel Jones says that she expects that she is on the list. Jones had left the group after Koresh had ordered all child members of the cult to be moved to the compound in Waco. 

His mother Bonnie Haldeman has attempted to talk to her son and has said that she had a premonition that her son's biblical convictions would go beyond the circle of fanatical followers. 

She didn't know when or what but she knew that something was going to happen that would make the message go out to the world.

Despite his actions, Mrs Haldeman retains faith in her son and believes that he is inspired by God. 

The previous day Koresh had left a message on his mother's answering machine saying he had been shot and was dying but would be back soon. 

David Koresh claims he is the final prophet and the second coming of Jesus Christ. He believes that he alone has control of the seven seals which when broken would bring the end of the world. 

This episode of 'Morning Ireland' was broadcast on 2 March 1993. The presenter is Conor Brophy.