'Would You Believe?' reports on atheism and agnosticism and the growing acceptance of non-believers in Ireland.

The programme meets people who have opted out of the religion they were born in to. Reporter Gemma MacCrohan meets a baby who is growing up in a non-religious home and looks at what the future holds for him. She also meets a humanist, a catholic and a non-believer, who talk about their beliefs.

This baby's growing up in a non-religious home. As things stand, when he grows up he can't be a high court judge, a supreme court judge, or President of the country. 

'Would You Believe?' is a religious series and was first broadcast on 3 October, 1991.

This episode of 'Would You Believe? : Free Spirit' was broadcast on 20 January 1994 and features interviews with Heather Aylward, Robert McGregor, Anthony Monks and Terese Monks.