The group Mary's Followers of the Cross claim to offer an alternative to the conventional Catholic Church.

Mary's Followers of the Cross are a breakaway group from the Legion of Mary and live a monastic life. Two members of the group preaching at St. Stephen's Green in Dublin.

The first male preacher talks about experiencing and sharing God and says that the problem nowadays is that people do not want God.

If we don't know God, how can we really know our purpose in life.

Another member of the group recognises the abuses and apathy in the Church. He feels that people are disillusioned with the Church and that Mary's Followers of the Cross offers an alternative to the conventional Catholic Church.

A female preacher says that people do not recognise the mercy of God and that God is all forgiving once we admit we are sinners. She also says that if we turn away from God, then we will be unhappy.

'Hindsight 'n' Things' was broadcast on 10 August 1978. The reporters are Peter McNiff and Larry Masterson.

Hindsight 'n' Things was a series of magazine programmes from RTÉ's Religious Programmes Department exploring ideas in religious and social matters. It was first broadcast on 6 July, 1973 and was presented by Sean Egan. Series producer Peter McNiff described the series in The RTÉ Guide

We shall be looking at different religious ways of life, not all of them Catholic, the people who live them, their beliefs and their attitudes to life.

(29 June 1973, Vol.10, No.26, p.13)