Ten new major works of sculpture for Dublin to celebrate the city being a thousand years old.

The Horizon Street Theatre Group provided living reminders of Dublin city's evolution for the launch of a series of monuments that will mark the city being over a thousand years old. 

A celebration of the past and a legacy to the future.

The permanent exhibition of ten sculptures at ten sites throughout the city is to part of  the regeneration of the city. 

Lord Mayor of Dublin Carmencita Hederman encourages people to come out and get involved in the millennium celebrations. 

The millennium will provide a great deal of entertainment and activity for everyone.

Michael Bulfin, Chairman of the Sculptors' Society of Ireland, believes that the emphasis on public sculpture will contribute towards the renewal of the city and that Dublin can learn from the experience of cities like Seattle.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 March 1988. The reporter is Gerry Reynolds.