A Clonmel company leaves lemonade to produce four million litres of Glenpatrick Spring water for the American market.

Glenpatrick, the Tippearary spring water company is to send a record shipment of Irish spring water to the United States of America. Over the course of two years the O’Brien Company in Clonmel, County Tipperary abandoned its long-standing soft drink production in favour of selling bottled spring water.

The company, re-branded as Glenpatrick Spring Water and is now involved with a major export deal to the United States of America.

Brian Duffy, Managing Director of Glenpatrick says the company was not only struggling to compete against the big name soft drink brands, but it also had problems obtaining a constant supply of water from the local authority.

Michael Horan, a local schoolteacher and water diviner identified a water supply on the premises. A well drilling firm was hired and they followed the point that Michael identified.

We came across a clear, cool, sterile water supply in a fast flowing vein.

That spring well turned out to be the saving of the company. At a Glenpatrick reception in the Berkeley Court Hotel in Dublin, Minister for Agriculture and Food Michael O’Kennedy announced a major export deal to the United States of America. He lavished praise on Glenpatrick’s strategy and success saying,

When we realised that the shipment that we are sending to New York for St Patrick's Day will be almost the equivalent at 360,000 litres of the total shipments last year to the United States of America of Irish spring water.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 February 1988. The reporter is Michael Ryan.