A production of 'Swan Lake' at Cork Opera House marks 40 years of the Cork Ballet Company.

Joan Denise Moriarty director and founder of the Cork Ballet Company explains how she first became interested in dance as a child and how her career developed.  

Hundreds of dancers have trained at the Cork Ballet school over the last 40 years some choosing to pursue ballet as a career and others for the joy of dancing. The dancers rehearse to the music of the Cork Symphony Orchestra conducted by Professor Aloys Fleischmann. The dancers and musicians have been rehearsing Swan Lake six nights a week since the beginning of August. 

Donnchadh McCarthy, one of the male dancers in the production, tells how he came late to ballet. Originally from Cork, Donnchadh is now based in London and has just completed a season with the Royal Opera Ballet in Convent Garden which he describes as "a dream come true".  

Colette McNamee is a bank manager by day with the Cork and Limerick Savings Bank but at night she's a ballet dancer. Colette describes the challenge of balancing motherhood, a career and her love for dance. 

As soon as you step out on stage for the week, it's worth all the rehearsals.

Performing at the Cork Opera House is a big undertaking for the Cork Ballet Company. Rent of the theatre, the orchestra, costumes, and décor, will cost around £40,000 for one week. This is a huge financial risk for the company which requires more sponsors each year to ensure its survival. Despite the financial challenges, Joan Denise Moriarty is optimistic about the future of the Cork Ballet Company. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 November 1987.