Intron 82 offers the widest range of new technology ever to go on display in the Republic of Ireland.

'Intron 82', a high technology exhibition, opens at the RDS in Ballsbridge, Dublin.

With over 300 companies represented, this is the most comprehensive range of new technology ever assembled under one roof in the Republic showing Irish industrialists the latest developments in electronics.

The exhibition features examples of new technology that solve old problems. A new telephone meter monitors the number of units clocked up by each call and can provide the cost-conscious with a computer readout for every call dialled. 

Jim Cuddy of the IIRS explains the importance of silicon technology for Ireland's future. According to Cuddy, electronics is the strongest growth area for the Irish economy accounting for a large proportion of exports. 

There's a variety of equipment, all kinds of test instrumentation, control instrumentation, home computers, office computers, particularly systems which apply to industry and industrial test, industrial control which is an extremely important application of microelectronics in Ireland today.

Practical applications of this new microchip technology on display are a new type of burglar alarm system and a chess game. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 November 1982. The reporter is Michael Fisher.