Dubliners are requested to report any signs of waste stockpiling for illegal Halloween bonfires.

Every year illegal bonfires cost Dublin City Council more than a million euro in clean up and rescue operations. Waste management staff and fire-fighters also say they are attacked physically and verbally on a daily basis in the run-up to Halloween.

In Raheny, in spite of aggressive resistance, Dublin City waste management staff remove illegal bonfire materials stashed behind a wall and bring it to a secure site. Public Domain Officer at Dublin City Council Dermot Johnson says the removal of illegal bonfires is a thankless task,

But if we don’t do it the green within the city will be ruined and destroyed.

In 2006, Dublin Fire Brigade dealt with 727 emergency call outs at Halloween. Station Officer at Dolphins Barn Fire Station David Kavanagh says the children responsible for the illegal bonfires often become aggressive when they see the fire brigade arriving to extinguish their handiwork.

We get a lot of bottles and stones and anything they can find thrown at us so it makes our job even more hazardous than it would normally be.

Dublin City Council is reminding the public to act responsibly at Halloween, and in a bid to lessen interest in unofficial bonfires, a series of free, family events are being held.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 October 2007. The reporter is Philip Bromwell.