Lindi St Clair talks about life as a working prostitute.

Lindi St Clair, also known as Miss Whiplash, talks to Pat Kenny about prostitution and life as a working prostitute.

She's a professional prostitute who seems shameless in her enjoyment of her job. Indeed, she seems to glory in her own notoriety as Miss Whiplash.

Londoner Lindi St Clair has published a book about her life titled 'It's Only A Game'.  She views her work as a game and says that all levels of society visit brothels, including politicians and priests. 

There are different levels of prostitution.

Lindi claims to have slept with over 41,500 men over twenty years.

When I was seventeen or eighteen, I was seeing fifty men a day. 

This episode of Kenny Live was broadcast on 17 October 1992. The presenter is Pat Kenny.