Best remembered for her performance in 'Pyscho' (1960) Janet Leigh talks to Pat Kenny about that famous scene in the Alfred Hitchcock classic film based on the Robert Bloch 1959 novel.

American actress and author Janet Leigh best known for her portrayal of Marion Crane in 'Psycho' was a guest on 'Kenny Live' to promote her new novel 'House of Destiny'. During her conversation with Pat Kenny, Leigh describes the process of filming the famous shower scene in 'Psycho' at a time when film-makers faced the restrictions of strict censorship. 

You could not show nudity. You could not show graphic violence. You could not show penetration of a weapon. So to get the suspense it took a great deal of time. It took seven days to shoot and over seventy set ups.

Leigh goes on to describe how director Alfred Hitchcock grabbed the audience attention. 

He made the audience become part of the scene. He made them use their imaginations so vividly that by the time the crescendo comes... They swear they saw nudity. They swear they saw blood gushing out.

This episode of Kenny Live presented by Pat Kenny was broadcast on 13 April 1996.