More than 500 people have signed a book of condolence for Princess Grace at the Dublin home of the Honorary Consul General of Monaco, Lord Killanin.

On the 14 September 1982 Princess Grace of Monaco died in hospital from injuries sustained in a car accident. Lord Killanin, the Honorary Consul General of Monaco opened a book of condolence at his home in Lansdowne Road in Dublin and a steady trickle of people have filed through to pay their respects to the Princess.

Among those to express their sympathy was the Taoiseach Charles Haughey. He knew Princess Grace very well and was devastated when he heard of her death. Among the Princess’ many accomplishments he highlights the contribution she made to Ireland.

She was so proud of being Irish, she loved coming to Ireland, loved participating in Irish life.

Former Taoiseach Jack Lynch was also one of the mourners to sign the book of condolence, noting

She was a princess in every sense of the word.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 September 1982. The reporter is Alan McCullough.