40,000 create raucous Croke Park atmosphere as Dublin and Tyrone refuse to back down from the Hill and there is fighting on the terrace before the All Ireland Football Semi Final even begins.

There was amazing colour and noise at Croke Park prior to the semi final between Tyrone and Dublin. The Tyrone team were first onto the pitch and headed to the Railway End of the ground to warm up in front of Hill 16 a terrace traditionally occupied by Dublin supporters. Was this an attempt at some mind games? The Tyrone team claimed not and pointed out that Dublin had no ordained right to that end of the ground before a game.

When the Dublin team emerged four minutes later they headed straight towards Hill 16. The Dublin team said this was not a deliberate action but just habit. What emerged was the strange sight of both squads going through their pre match routines into the one goal.

At the moment both teams are playing into the goal down on our left, the Railway goal which in recent tradition has been the Dublin goal but that doesn't give them squatters rights.

On the Hill 16 terrace itself, there was crowd trouble with some Dublin supporters fighting amongst themselves. When the Gardai intervened, sticks and stones were turned on them. All of this before the match had even begun.

The game finished Dublin 2-11 Tyrone 0-08. The footage shown here is taken from the All Ireland Football Semi Final broadcast 22 August 1984. The commentator is Michael O'Hehir.