Children in a Dublin suburb demonstrate how to play a game of 'Jump Sticks'.

Children play ‘Jump Sticks’ in a Dublin residential street. It is a game where players jump between two sticks placed on the ground. The sticks are moved further and further apart each time, and the winner is the person who can jump the longest distance between all the sticks.

‘Breakaway’ was a series of seven programmes for young people, which was broadcast from 19 July – 30 August 1982, running for one series only. It was presented by Aonghus McAnally and Nuala Hayes and was

A television programme that wants you to stop watching television.

(RTÉ Guide 16 July 1982).

Producer Joe O’Donnell had seen a gap in the television schedule for 7-13 year olds, and put together a programme full of ideas and activities to get children through the summer holidays. Regular items each week included how to fix your bike, fishing trips, street games, songwriting, first aid, football skills, and of course a viewers’ competition.

This episode of ‘Breakaway’ was broadcast on 2 August 1982.