Sculptor Seamus Murphy speaks about his craft and working with stone.

Seamus Murphy sees art as a communicative process and says that it takes two people to make a work of art, in his case the subject and the sculptor. 

The sitter is just as important as the person doing it.

For the Cork sculptor stone has special characteristics, often challenging, as a medium for creating art. He feels that you need to get to know stone, as you would timber or any other medium. 

I prefer Irish limestone to anything, especially the Carlow stone or Ballinasloe. Most of the limestones are good.

Seamus Murphy believes, he and his peers are the last in a line of stone sculptors. He feels they will be ultimately replaced by something new as with other craftsmen. 

People will always try to change things. Sheer boredom makes them do it... Every man wants to put his own stamp on something.

'Three-O-One' was broadcast on 28 September 1973. The presenter is Donncha Ó Dúlaing.