The house of a Galway family returns to calm following the peaceful exorcism of a poltergeist from their home.

The Fahey family from Galway are parents Jackie and Esther, children Michael and Martha and Martha’s baby Sarah-Louise. They have been terrorised by a poltergeist since the birth of Sarah-Louise eight months ago.

This supernatural entity has been responsible for physical disturbances in the house, such as loud noises, objects being moved or destroyed, and sudden drops in temperature.

Things got so bad that the family moved out, leaving Michael and one of his friends in the house. With the assistance of Sandra Ramdhanie a professional para-psychologist, the poltergeist was banished for good. Following communications with the spirit by telepathy, it was discovered that a newborn baby boy was smothered there 100 years ago by his parents, a priest and a nun.

Sandra Ramdhanie performed a cleansing ceremony using incense and candles to balance energy in the house. Michael says he has a,

Firm beliefs in any type of things to do with ghosts and poltergeists and I actually believe in the psychic part of it as well.

Michael describes how the poltergeist was peacefully moved out of the house. Sandra Ramdhanie confirmed the ghost was gone and will not return to haunt the family again. Since the exorcism, the house is warmer and there are have been no more unexpected noises.

If it was still here it would have acted up.

A 'Morning Ireland' report broadcast on 13 May 1997. The presenter is Richard Crowley.