The Festival of Kerry which includes the Rose of Tralee and a driving blind competition is one of a range of other events.

While the participants in the Rose of Tralee arrive and get to know each other. A piped band leads a night procession through the streets of Tralee, where each of the Roses is welcomed. Amongst the contestants are the Belfast Rose Patricia O'Connell, the New Zealand Rose Bronwyn Gill, and the Sydney Rose Anne Teehan.

The Festival of Kerry is not just about the Rose of Tralee but includes other events and activities to entertain the thousands of tourists who flock to the town each year. One of the more unusual contests is a driving blindfolded competition in a Tralee street. While a field becomes a track for some single seater car racing. On the variety theatre stage German folk dancers entertain the crowd.

That's Entertainment 'The Festival' was broadcast on 4 May 1972. 

That's Entertainment was a five-part look at behind the scenes of how people are entertained in Ireland. 
Other programmes in the ‘That’s Entertainment’ series look at comedians, the one-man show, cabaret, and the Showcase Awards.