A woman who was evicted from her home and ended up living in a make-shift hut for a year finally gets a home of her own.

Anna Phelan was evicted from her rented flat in Clontarf in a dispute over her dogs. Following her eviction, she set up a make-shift shelter made from boxes and old junk opposite the house on the seafront.

A make-shift shack of bits of driftwood and boxes and tarpaulin.

Anna Phelan had lived in flat in Clontarf for three years with her dogs Faithful and Rover. The other families that were living in the same house objected to dogs and so did the landlord. The landlord got a court order and Anna Phelan and her two dogs were evicted. At first, she lived in a shack in the garden of the house, but one day all her belongings and the shack were moved out to the Clontarf promenade.

Like some woodland animal preparing for winter hibernation she gathered a jackdaw collection of odds and ends around her to keep out the winter storms, the gales, the rain, the snow. Her bed, a broken down chair.

Cathal O'Shannon speaks to her old neighbours in the house who describe the living conditions in the house but have little sympathy for Anna Phelan.

Her strange outpost became a local landmark.

Dublin Corporation has now provided a new home in a condemned cottage in Baldoyle. Outside her new home, Anna Phelan talks about her ordeal and plans for the future in her new home.

This 'Newsbeat' report was broadcast on 1 May 1967. The reporter is Cathal O'Shannon.