No stranger to the world of nightclubs, English businessman and club owner Peter Stringfellow is in Dublin for the opening of Club M.

Peter Stringfellow drops into 'Nighthawks' to chat with Shay Healy. He is one of the celebrities in Dublin for the official opening of a nightclub in Blooms Hotel. He is interested in finding a location in Dublin for a new nightclub of his own. The plans for the Dublin club are not quite as racy as the New York club 'Stringfellows Presents Pure Platinum' where customers witness,

Anything between fifty and a hundred beautiful girls, all taking their clothes off.

At the age of 51 Peter Stringfellow is used to being called a sexist because of the business he is in and having had a string of girlfriends. However, he claims that he has now settled down with his girlfriend Frisbee Fox.

I like beautiful ladies, I've got a gorgeous girlfriend.

While he may take time out at night to enjoy himself, he says that he is very much the businessman and takes it very seriously. 

This episode of 'Nighthawks' was broadcast on 11 March 1992. The presenter is Shay Healy.