Edward Kennedy, the youngest brother of President John F Kennedy, pays a private visit to Ireland to visit his relations County Wexford.

Following his arrival at Dublin airport on 25 February 1962 reporter Frank Hall got speak with Ted Kennedy about his visit and political plans.

I'm delighted, first of all to be here in Ireland.

Mr Kennedy is very much looking forward to meeting his relations at the Kennedy ancestral home in Dunganstown and says,

This is purely a sentimental trip.

Ted Kennedy had spent the previous weeks on mainland Europe on a fact finding mission about the Common Market. For now his political ambitions remain private but he will be making an announcement in late March or early April.

The visit to Ireland is something which I've always wanted to do and I think might very well be the highlight of my whole trip abroad.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 February 1962. The reporter is Frank Hall.