On 10 December 1991 an amended Maastricht Treat was drafted and agreed including plans for a single currency and a new common security policy.

European correspondent  Tommie Gorman outlines some of the consequences for the European Community's 360 million citizens, which include: the introduction of a single currency as early as 1997: a more coordinated approach to foreign policy; the development of an EC defence identity; and the redistribution of wealth from the rich and poor is the continue.

As internal borders disappear the EC will have a greater say in areas such as environment, education, consumer protection and public health. However, before these plans become legally binding, they will have to be endorsed by national parliaments. 

Britain fitting uncomfortably within the community.

From 'Morning Ireland'  broadcast on 11 December 1991. The reporter is Tommie Gorman

The Maastricht Treaty referendum was held on 18 June 1992. It was the eleventh amendment to the constitution and was carried by 69% to 31%.