Celebrating 200 years of the newly restored Custom House in Dublin.

Plans for the restoration of the James Gandon building began in 1974 but it was ten years later before work began. The restoration work is now complete in time for the 200th anniversary celebrations.

On 8 November 1791 the Custom House opened for business as offices for the Revenue Commissioners. The building still houses the commissioners and also the Ministry of the Environment. 

Marking 200 years since the building opened Minister for State at the Department of Public Works Vincent Brady launched a book about the Customs House written by Architectural Historian Dr Edward McPartland. 

At the ceremony Mr Brady described the Custom House as

One of the most magnificent classical buildings in the world.

The Minister also unveiled a plaque to mark the restoration which cost £5.5 million.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 November 1991. The reporter is Fionnuala MacSweeney .