The Government is to publish a bill to abolish the legal concept of illegitimacy.

The Status of Children Bill aims to give complete equality of treatment to all children, whether born within or outside of marriage.

RTÉ News speaks to Nuala Fennell, Minister of State at the Department of Justice, who talks about the effect of the proposed bill.

It for the first time gives rights and entitlements to a group of people, the children born outside marriage, who up to this have been left entirely outside the law in terms of guardianship, maintenance and succession.

The bill has implications for fathers of "non-marital" children who will now be able to share guardianship with the mother.

Nuala Fennell is hopeful that the bill will get a positive response in the Dáil. She also feels that it will affect antiquated attitudes towards what constitutes a family.

I believe legislation can be a tool to change attitudes

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 May 1986. The reporter is Mary Fanning.