Five German seamen who were involved in events leading up to the 1916 Rising arrive in Dublin to participate in the 50th Anniversary Commemoration ceremonies.

Kapitaen Raimund Weisbach and Korvetten-kapitaen Otto Walter are two members of the crew of the U-19, the submarine which brought Roger Casement and Captain Robert Monteith to Ireland shortly before the Easter Rising. The three other guests, Herr H. Dunker, Herr W. Augustin and Herr F. Schmitz, are surviving members of the crew of the arms-ship 'Aud'.

The men were invited as official guests of the Irish government for the commemorations. Their itinerary included attending a ceremony at Banna Strand in county Kerry, where Casement and the crew of the U-19 landed. They also take part in commemorations in Dublin and lay a wreath at Casement's grave on Easter Monday.

This report shows the five men arriving at Dublin airport on board an Aer Lingus flight from Dusseldorf. With the aid of interpreter Katharina McHugh, one of the seamen Raimund Weisbach, gives his memories of the event and Roger Casement. He did not think that the Rising would succeed, and after four days heard that Casement had been captured and that the rebellion had failed. Fifty years later he was delighted to be back in Ireland again.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 April 1966. The reporter is Mike Burns.