Cleaners who lost their jobs to a rival cleaning company in University College Dublin (UCD) clashed with Gardaí on the Belfield Campus grounds.

Picketers lined the main entrance to UCD and asked drivers to use other entrances. Most drivers complied, however, others insisted on using their legal right to use the main entrance.

One woman wanted to avoid trouble but was determined to cross the picket line. Gardaí were standing by, forcibly removing picketers so that she could pass.

Later unions met with Contract Cleaners Limited, the former employers of the cleaners. They sought work for them on other contracts at sufficient daily hours that would allow them to qualify for redundancy compensation and other benefits enjoyed by full-time workers.

At a time of widespread redundancies, the problems of the vulnerable part-timer is one of the preoccupations of the national trade union movement

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 August 1985. The reporter is Pat Sweeney.