Complaints over RTÉ advertising sweets during the Lenten period.

In the Christian calendar today is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent with 40 days of abstinence for many. During the weeks leading up to Easter, many observe the tradition of fasting or giving up something. This could be abstaining from smoking or alcohol, and for many chocolates and sweets. 

We take a look back to 1987 when  in RTE's 'Mailbag' programme Arthur Murphy responds to viewers complaints about advertisements for sweets during Lent on RTÉ television.

Margaret Fagan and Pat Nolan assist Arthur Murphy in getting through the pick of the week's letters.

12 year old Emily Hurley from Glengarrif, Co. Cork, who is doing her best to stay off sweets for Lent, has written in to complain about the number of ads for sweets on TV. Emily is not alone. Michael Twomey from Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry is suffering the same agony, and believes the number of ads for sweets is an unfair temptation.

Presenter Arthur Murphy suggests that Emily and Michael could give up watching television for Lent.

This episode of 'Mailbag' was broadcast on 19 March 1987.