'The Towering Inferno' is the final film shown at the Savoy cinema in Cork.

The Savoy Cinema in Cork closes its doors after 43 years.

Dermot Mullane reports for RTÉ News on the final night at the Savoy as people left the cinema, the neon sign was switched off, and the doors were closed for the last time. 74 staff were left without jobs.

The final film screened was 'The Towering Inferno'. The proceeds of the farewell showing were to be used to help fund the Cork Film Festival which was now without a home as a result of the closure of the Savoy.

Built in 1932 with 1,900 seats, the Savoy was the largest cinema in the country. In 1977 the Savoy Centre opened on the same site incorporating a shopping centre and a concert hall.

It is thought that the arrival of television and falling audience numbers led to the closure of the Savoy.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 February 1975.