Huge crowds turned out in Dublin for a special requiem mass for the victims of the Dublin bombings held in the Pro Cathedral on 22 May 1974.

26 people were killed in a series of car bombs planted by loyalists on 17 May in Parnell St, Talbot St and South Leinster St. Later that day, a bomb in Monaghan Town killed a further 7. Almost 300 more were injured in what was to be one of the worst terrorist attacks of the troubles.

This RTÉ News footage shows the requiem mass chief celebrated by Dr Desmond Ryan, Archbishop of Dublin, and attended by an Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave, President Erskine Childers and his wife Rita. Others present include Éamon de Valera, Jack Lynch and his wife Máirín, Michael O'Leary, Conor Cruise O'Brien, Tom O'Donnell, Paddy Donegan and Frank Aiken. The coffins of six of the victims were placed befor the altar: Mary McKenna, John Dargle and the entire O'Brien family. Parents Anne and John O'Brien had been killed along with their babies Jacqueline and Anne Marie in Parnell St. Their burial at Glasnevin Cemetery by Fr Patrick McCabe is also shown.

Note: This clip is mute.