On 15 April 1941 the city of Belfast was bombed by the Luftwaffe. Michael Fisher reports from an ecumenical service at Belfast City Hall to mark the 50th anniversary of the Second World War Belfast Blitz in 1991.

A thousand people died at the hands of the German air raids on the city and many more were injured. Fire brigades from the south of Ireland crossed the border at the time to assist their colleagues in Belfast. Firemen from both sides of the border attended the anniversary service. 

At the ceremony Michael Fisher hears some witness accounts of what happened. 
James Doherty, an air raid warden in the Antrim Road area describes how the city was not prepared for such an attack.

No one could have thought that Belfast was going to get such a devastation.

Belfast experienced the heaviest attack of any city in the United Knigdom outside of London. 

Two bombs hit Belfast every minute.

James Morris, now age 76, was based at the Belfast Fire Service headquarters during the attacks. James describes the arrival of the Dublin fire brigade during the bombings. 

Paddy Finley, a Dublin fireman from Rathmines, describes the glow of fire that was visible over Belfast as his brigade approached the city. 

This RTÉ News report was broadcast on 3 May 1991.