Ireland has had 7 winning songs at Eurovision to date.

6 winners over 7 winning Eurovision Song Contests for Ireland.

1970 Dana 'All Kinds of Everything'
Dana Arriving at Dublin Airport after Winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland 

Dana (1970)

1980 Johnny Logan 'What's Another Year?'
Johnny Logan holds winning trophy after the 16th National Song Contest 

Johnny Logan (1980) 2090/065

1987 Johnny Logan 'Hold Me Now'
Johnny Logan performing at Eurovision 

Johnny Logan 1987

1992 Linda Martin 'Why Me?'
Linda Martin backstage at Eurovision

Linda Martin

1993 Niamh Kavanagh 'In Your Eyes'
Niamh Kavanagh celebrates her Eurovision win


1994 Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan 'Rock 'n' Roll Kids'
Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan in Eurovision 

Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan 1994

1996 Eimear Quinn 'The Voice'
Eimear Quinn in Eurovision Song Contest 

Eimear Quinn 1996