In 1982 'IT Magazine' editor Noelle Campbell-Sharp launched her magazine's fashion awards with a fashion show on 'The Late Late Show'.

The event proved such a success that 'The Late Late Show' decided to host its own fashion awards the following year. 'The Late Late Fashion Awards' were broadcast on 1 October 1983. Designers competed in six categories: coats, suits, day dresses, after-six wear, separates and coordinates, and knitwear.

This clip is taken from the suits category. Six female models in all their finery vie for the catwalk with two workmen wielding pickaxes. The designs on display are by Louise Kennedy, Richard Lewis, Elizabeth Clery, Ritzy, Michel Ambers and Eily Doolan. The compere is Grace O'Shaughnessy.

'The Late Late Fashion Show' went on to become a biennial fixture in 'The Late Late Show' calendar and gave an important platform to Irish designers throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Late Late Fashion Show (1983)