In 1962, Aindréas Ó Gallchóir retraced the Irish steps of Colmcille in the Telefís Éireann programme 'I Remember Colmcille', billed in Irish as 'Tá Cuimhne ar Cholm Cille'.

This clip shows places in Derry associated with Colmcille, including St Columb's Well and the Long Tower Church, which was traditionally thought to be built on the location of a monastery founded by Colmcille. People still drink from St Columb's Well every year on Colmcille's feast day on 9 June.

'I Remember Colmcille' was first broadcast on 23 December 1962. Téann Aindréas Ó Gallchóir ar lorg Cholm Cille i nDoire.