To coincide with the broadcast of 'Writer in Profile: James Plunket' an article featured in the RTÉ Guide on the 16th January, 1970 profiling the author. The article covers his upbringing, his early association with trade unionism, his career in radio and television, and his early interest in literature and writing.

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Published in 1969, Plunkett's first novel 'Strumpet City' "recreates with astonishing authenticity the atmosphere of Dublin during the seven years immediately preceding the outbreak of World War 1. Many of the leading critics have hailed it as a masterpiece, and it became an immediate bestseller".

'Strumpet City' is the chosen book for 'Dublin: One City, One Book' for the month of April 2013.

'Writer in Profile: James Plunkett' was broadcast on RTÉ Television on 21 January, 1970.

View the complete programme 'Writer in Profile: James Plunkett' on RTÉ Player Classics.

RTÉ produced a 7 part drama of 'Strumpet City' which was broadcast in 1980. The book and the DVD of the series are available from the RTÉ Shop.

For more on James Plunkett and Strumpet City, Arena on RTÉ Radio One is hosting a 'Strumpet City Special' on Wednesday 17 April from 7.00pm to 8.30pm and subsequently on the RTÉ Radio Player.

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