Boorman's career in film crosses five decades and includes 'Point Blank'(1967), 'Deliverance'(1972), 'Hope and Glory'(1987), and 'The General'(1998) amongst many others.

Back in 1973, at the age of 40, Boorman talks to Cathal O'Shannon on RTÉ's programme 'Scope' about the challenges facing the Irish film industry, Ardmore Studios, the making of his latest film 'Zardos', importing an ape and the need for government cooperation with film-makers in Ireland. Boorman comments that

film-making is the art of the impossible.

This episode of 'Scope' entitled 'The Rise and Fall of Ardmore or A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Studio' examines the history of Ardmore Studios with interviews with Justin Keating, Minister for Industry and Commerce, George O'Reilly, William Sands, Louis Marcus and of course John Boorman.
This episode of 'Scope' was first broadcast on 4 October 1973.