It's the phone call everyone dreads. A loved one has been in a car crash,  in a coma and may not come out of it. Acclaimed writer Rachel Darcy dashes to London to be at her sister Evie's side after she receives that heart-stopping call.

Her head swirls with questions: why was Evie driving after so long and without a licence? Who is the man living in her flat, claiming to be her boyfriend? Why won't the police just listen to Rachel who refuses to believe the crash was an accident or a suicide attempt? The police are convinced it was one or the other. 

When Rachel starts digging for answers she discovers how little she knows about her sister's life. What she doesn't know is that her own life could be in danger. Evie meanwhile, lies in her hospital bed, unable to move or communicate, but desperate to tell her sister her side of the story. She has to tell it. Many families keep secrets in dark shadowy corners, their truths left unsaid.. and for Rachel and Evie, revealing those secrets could save the life of one or both of them.

The story is narrated by Rachel and Evie and with each chapter, we inch closer to finding out what really happened. The question is: will we find out in time? To reveal more would be to spoil this clever, absorbing thriller. Sisters and Lies is a well written, twisty thriller which runs to 416 pages. The characters are believable, the tension satisfying, the story meaty. A strong, confident debut.

Avril Hoare

Bernice Barrington - Biographical note:

Bernice Barrington grew up on a farm in north Longford. Her passion has always been for stories and she created her first publication, The White Elephant magazine, at eleven. She studied English and German at Trinity College, completed an MA in writing and then became a journalist. She continued to write fiction in her spare time. She lives in Dalkey, Co Dublin with her husband.