From stadiums to sweatboxes, the realities of going on tour have been chronicled by everyone from Willie Nelson (On the Road Again) to Motorhead ((We Are) The Road Crew) to Jawbreaker (Tour Song). But a book about the subject? Now that's as rare as a marble backstage toilet.

Enter Chuck Ragan, solo artist and frontman with Hot Water Music, who sent out the call to the road warriors he's encountered around the world – known as the Camaraderie Collective – and whose wisdom on the grace, grit and grind of life in a bus or van are gathered in this special little read.

Funny and inspirational, The Road Most Traveled isn't just for musicians; it's a lesson for us all about never knowing what's around the corner and to enjoy the ride. There's no superstar guff here, and chances are you won't recognise the names of most of the contributors, but you would like to meet all of them somewhere down the line. Their stories transcend tastes in music and generations, with just as much for the know-it-all-kid backpacking around the world as the seen-it-all retiree who needs something to read on a day trip.

You'll be itching to get moving yourself long before the final page, but, more importantly, you'll be reminded to never stop saying thank you to and for the great people in your life.

Harry Guerin