At the end of his first adventure former military police officer-turned-bodyguard Ryan Lock saved New York. At the start of his second he goes to prison. But Lock hasn't gone over to the dark side or become a victim of injustice; his new 'client' is doing life without parole.

Frank 'Reaper' Hays is one of the main men in America's most powerful white supremacist gangs but has agreed to give evidence against his comrades in return for being transferred from the Secure Housing Unit at California's Pelican Bay Supermax facility to the general prison population. 'All' Lock has to do is keep him alive for seven days until he takes the stand. And for a man who's in the shadow of death, Reaper seems remarkably smug and relaxed...

Faster, tighter and with a better plot than his debut 'Lockdown', former TV scriptwriter Black looks set for a lengthy partnership with Lock. Like a cross between 'Assault on Precinct 13', 'In the Line of Fire' and 'The Rock', 'Deadlock' sees Lock really come into his own as a hero and the set-pieces involving a prison yard, remote airstrip, smalltown courthouse and a city funeral would be great on the big screen. You'll spend longer here imagining who could do justice to the character in the movie - always a good sign.

Harry Guerin