Created for adults living with kidney disease, and with all proceeds going to the Irish Kidney Association, 'Truly Tasty' is a cookbook which gives a satisfied feeling even before the pots have come out of the cupboard. Here you share in the passion of 32 chefs - many of whom you'll know from TV, radio or their own writings - contributing starters, mains and desserts and with something for every skill level or fancy.

More than just about enjoying food, 'Truly Tasty' is also about enjoying every morsel of life, and the personal stories of the team behind the book and the chefs are an inspiration to either get into the kitchen or try something new outside of it.

If you're lucky enough to be in good health, you can enjoy these recipes without paying as much attention to the dietary requirements as those who or not - they're a reminder to never take the greatest gift for granted and to think about a donor card if you don't already have one in your wallet or purse.

Harry Guerin

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