Walk the Wicklow way Peter Evers style with his beautifully presented debut photography book. Dressed in simple but strong colours, the black, green, white and grey tones of 'Wicklow Photographs' reflect the nature captured on the pages within the hard back cover.

The Garden of Ireland has rarely looked as beautiful as it does here. You'll find none of the clichéd scenes often forced upon weary hotel guests. Evers shares his love, patience and respect of nature in this book which is a perfect accompaniment to any nature adoring Wordsworth poem. Writer Selina Guinness summed up Evers investment in her introduction: "Only when a photographer has sufficiently mastered the techniques of his craft to surrender quietly to the image, can a landscape emerge as gloriously sublime as Wicklow appears here."

Shot with a variety of lights, both natural and studio at various hours of the day and night, the images are either in colour, black and white or sepia. He reveals the many facets of Mother Nature; sublime, majestic, inviting and unrelenting.

The scenery encapsulates the length and breath of the county from Bray to Glendalough to Lough Tay and Dan to lesser travelled spots such as Coronation Plantation to Lugalla to Cloghoge and Nunn's Cross. His subjects include a variety of locals; wild goats, swans, donkeys, deer, horses plus their less lively ancestors.

Despite the lack of humans, our presence is felt and subtly seen through ruins, paths, walls and forest clearings. Evers captures a wide array of flowers, trees, rock and water formations photographed in all seasons, weathers and colours. As a sea lover, I would have loved to have seen his talent turned to more sea pics of Brittas, Silver Strand, Greystones, Wicklow Head and the numerous other secret beaches along this coastline. His concentrated water shots are so beautiful, that I can't help but wonder about his interpretation of these larger waters.

Accompanied by two bonus features; an historical map and translations as Gaeilge of the key areas referred to in the images, Evers is possibly hinting that this is more than a mere photographic book. An alternative tourist guide to Wicklow perhaps, offering a view of the county rarely seen by passing tour buses?

For some it’s the kind of book you glance through once and are happy to leave gathering dust on the coffee table, happy in the knowledge that you can return whenever you wish or have the time. For others it’s the perfect escape until time, weather or will allows a personal visit, compass in one hand and this sizeable book in the other.

Having witnessed some of these majestic views firsthand I cannot wait to discover the rest, if only to see if they can possibly match the beauty captured here.

A wonderful, indulgent stocking filler for nature lovers or lovers to be.

Taragh Loughrey-Grant

If you like this, you'll love the images available on Evers website www.wicklowphotographs.com