Rachel Allen's latest offering 'Rachel's Food for Living', which accompanies the television series of the same name, takes a look at the power of food in our everyday lives - how some foods can make us feel happy, how the smell of other foods cooking can conjure up childhood memories and how some ingredients have the power to boost our energy levels.

As the author explains, many of the recipes in the book have a particular significance to her and her family and friends. Allen intends the recipes that she shares to be fun to make. Many are dishes or treats that you can make with the help of your children. Others are culinary creations that are suitable for reunions with old friends. There are recipes for scones to eat with your tea as you chat to a neighbour, cocktails to drink with your friends as you catch up on each others' lives and roasts to enjoy as a Sunday lunch with the family.

Allen has divided the book's recipes according to some of life's most important celebrations, memories and simple pleasures, including Food for the Soul, Something to Celebrate, The Lazy Sunday, Food for Romance and For the Love of Chocolate. Each chapter not only contains detailed yet simple recipe instructions but beautiful illustrations and helpful hints for making the most of your ingredients and your time.

'Rachel's Food for Living' is a wonderful reference book for special occasions, containing a wealth of knowledge on various types of food and tips for how to make any occasion into a special memory.

Linda McGee

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